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JSL BenefitKnews In this issue of BenefitKnews, we’ve featured two of our newest services, a snapshot of our comprehensive travel insurance services and the introduction of CAP Track, a Capital Accumulation Plan governance management tool that we recently rolled out to selected JSL clients.

Finding the right travel insurance plan

Whether it’s individual vacation coverage or a specialized plan to protect your employees abroad, travel insurance is valued—and often necessary—employee benefit.

Our SelectaPlan process will quickly and easily assess your needs to help choose the plan that best meets the needs of your employees, family or organization. Whether group or individual, student or executive, athlete or adventure—our plans cover the full spectrum of coverage needs.

To find out more or to apply for one of our specialized travel services, call your dedicated JSL representative or contact us at

Snapshot: Travel Insurance

Global Medical Insurance® - Individual and family coverage for more than one year
Patriot Travel Medical Insurance® - Coverage for individuals or families (up to two years)
Patriot Extreme® Travel Medical Insurance - Extreme athletics and adventure insurance
Patriot Executive® Travel Medical Insurance - Annual coverage for the business traveler
Patriot T.R.I.P. - Travel Protection for trips up to 30 days
Patriot T.R.I.P. Elite - First class travel protection
Patriot Student T.R.I.P. - Student travel insurance program
Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance® - Group coverage for five or more individuals up to two years
Sky Rescue - Coverage for emergency medical evacuation

Facilitating governance through CAP Track

JSL recently launched CAP Track, a governance management tool for Capital Accumulation Plans that provides secure online access for plan sponsors and JSL. Through direct links to the actual pooled fund details (not just the underlying fund information) the CAP Track service provides a full audit trail, independent investment review and itemized checklist fully documenting the governance process.
Using this system we can help you keep informed on all plan information—creating comprehensive and accurate performance reports to aid in the analysis of your plan and to effectively carry out your CAP strategy. In short, CAP Track will maximize the value of your plan, build a governance shield and allow you to focus on your business.

Are you worried your drug plan has a fever?

The rising cost of prescription drug claims is a hard pill for employers to swallow. A new prescription for drug plan management may be just what the doctor ordered.

1) Consider a new formulary. Whether mandatory generic substitution or a frozen formulary, it may be time to reconsider what your plan will cover.

2) Implement a multi-tier co-pay program. Customize your program through deductibles and co-pays to better meet the plan needs of your employees.

3) Seek pre-approval for prescriptions. Have physicians outline the medical need for a particular medication. In short, the prescription isn’t filled unless prior authorization is received.

4) Request maintenance and trial prescriptions. With maintenance programs, costs are lowered by filling ongoing prescriptions (such as the birth control pill) for longer periods of time, reducing dispensing fees. With trial prescriptions, small amounts are initially dispensed to assess effectiveness of the treatment. If successful, the full prescription is dispensed.

5) Launch a health spending account. These tax-free spending accounts work best when replacing part (not all) of a health benefits plan.

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